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Radar Level Gauge Installation Tips

When many companies use radar level gauges for liquid level measurement, there are large or small problems, most of which are related to installation. Therefore, the following few radar level gauge installation tips are necessary for everyone to understand.

Tip 1: The selected position of the radar level gauge should be easy to connect and disassemble. The power supply of the radar level meter has two-wire and four-wire system. However, regardless of the wiring method, wiring is required. In addition, the radar level gauge needs to be regularly maintained, and it is also important to choose a location that is easy to disassemble.

Tip 2: When installing, the connecting cable in front of the cable entry should be flushed down. The reason for this is to prevent moisture. The radar level gauge is installed outdoors or in humid places, where rain or condensation water can easily damage the cable. If the connecting cable is down, rain or condensation can drip directly down the hanging cable.

Tip 3: Keep a certain distance between the radar level meter antenna and the medium, generally more than 50mm. Some of the media measured by the radar level gauge are corrosive, and some are relatively viscous, which will affect the radar level gauge. Therefore, when installing, try to keep a certain distance between the medium and the instrument.

Tip 4: If the radar level gauge is a low-pressure container or with gauge pressure, and it is a threaded connection, it is best to add a seal to the threaded process connection.

Most people know that when installing the radar level meter, try not to install it in the center position, and try to keep it away from obstacles and feed ports, but they don't know much about the above four installation tips.

The editor has compiled it here, hoping that it can be helpful to those in need when necessary. At the same time, I also hope that when necessary, you can read more relevant materials and master some installation skills of radar level gauges.