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Typical application of radar level gauge in coal chemical industry

I don't know if you have noticed that this year's coal prices have risen rapidly, and many people have begun to use other heating methods to replace coal for heating. For the coal-based coal chemical industry, where will the radar level meter be used? Simply look at the typical application of radar level gauge in the coal chemical industry.

The coal chemical industry has a very important storage container called ash warehouse. The powder is stored in the ash warehouse. When feeding, there will be a lot of dust in the upper part of the ash silo, which will cause false echoes. This is a point, in addition, the dust surface deposited inside the ash warehouse is very soft, and the signal reflection will be blocked. Therefore, when choosing a radar level gauge, you must pay attention. Relatively speaking, a better measurement method is a guided wave radar level gauge.

The radar wave emitted by the guided wave radar level gauge propagates through a specific detection component, the propagation path is unique, and the signal is relatively concentrated, so it is more suitable for the measurement of gray storage. However, it has also been suggested to use a drop-shaped high-frequency radar level gauge.

The medium measured by the ash warehouse is mainly dust. In fact, there is another medium in the coal chemical industry that also needs to be measured by radar level gauges, that is, particulate matter and lumps such as limestone and raw coal. The biggest problem with such a medium is the possible angle of repose. Therefore, in this case, it is best to choose a 26GHz high-frequency radar level gauge with higher accuracy. And, when installing, to choose the appropriate installation location, the biggest point is to avoid the feed port.

The above two aspects are the most typical applications of radar level gauges in the coal chemical industry, and they are also the two most measured media. But the content described above is the most basic content. If you want to know more deeply, you need to read more related information.

With the continuous development and progress of radar level gauge technology, the radar level gauge has developed a frequency modulation method based on high frequency. In the future, I believe that my country's technology will catch up or even surpass foreign countries in this regard, and the price will also show a step-by-step decline, so that domestic enterprises can use Chinese products with confidence.