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  • Water level data logger
Water level data logger

Water level data logger

Product description

A self-contained in-battery level monitor for long-term recording of water depth (pressure) and temperature, all stainless steel or titanium alloy construction. The water level recorder includes water level and temperature sensors, built-in large-capacity flash memory and high-capacity long-life lithium battery. All functions are integrated into the instrument with a diameter of 26mm metal shell, suitable for water level and water temperature measurement of surface water, groundwater and marine environment.


  • Self-contained: no cable pulling out, strong underwater sealing.
  • High stability type: high quality, high stability pressure sensitive components
  • High precision: water level accuracy 0.05% F.S, resolution 1 mm; temperature accuracy ±0.5°C, resolution 0.01°C
  • Versatile: Internal independent battery and memory for periodic collection and storage of data
  • Low power consumption: intelligent power management design, collecting power 3-4ma
  • All functions: water level, water temperature, water pressure, etc., and real-time monitoring.
  • Barometric pressure compensation: direct measurement of barometric pressure compensation (absolute pressure optional)
  • Signal standard: RS485 interface Modbus-RTU standard communication protocol
  • Protection grade: all stainless-steel sealed structure, ip68 protection.
  • Temperature compensation: full range digital calibration, full temperature range temperature error compensation.
  • Electrical characteristics of the sensor: overvoltage protection, surge voltage protection and power supply reverse polarity protection to avoid electrical damage due to operating errors.

Technical parameter

  • The range is 0~10 MHz. 0~200m H/O
  • Water level accuracy 0.05%FS
  • Water level resolution 1mm
  • Stable 0.05% F.S/year
  • Overload 2X F·S
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
  • Time drift≤±1cm/10d (temperature change≤±3℃)
  • Temperature drift ±1cm (water temperature varies from 4°C to 40°C)
  • Internal battery life of 10 years (records every 60 minutes)
  • Storage capacity and GT; 50,000 records (water level + water temperature + voltage + time)
  • Real time clock <±5 minutes/year
  • Temperature compensation range of electrical characteristics 0-50℃
  • Operating temperature -10 to 80°C
  • Power supply voltage DC5-30V (typical 24V)
  • Internal battery: 2.7~3.6 vdc
  • Power reverse protection and overvoltage protection
  • Output mode RS 485 digital signal/MODBUS-RTU protocol 128 transmitter nodes
  • Structural features Shell material 316L stainless steel
  • Measuring medium Fluid medium
  • Cable material Polyurethane or PVC
  • Environmental property protection level
  • Weight about 300 grams
  • Environmental vibration: withstand the vibration test specified in GB/T9359
  • Free fall to withstand the drop test specified in GB/T9359
  • Electromagnetic environment conforms to gb/t 17626.8 level 3
  • The mean time between failures is not less than 30,000 hours.


Application field

  • Water temperature data for monitoring groundwater levels
  • Ocean tide level monitoring
  • Sponge City Flood Control Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of reservoir dam water level
  • Lake and Surface Runoff Level Monitoring
  • Unmanned Hydrological Monitoring Station
  • Field monitoring of industrial control systems

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