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  • Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge
  • Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge
  • Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge
Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge

Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge

Telemetry Groundwater Level Gauge

Product description

The telemetry groundwater level gauge is an integrated equipment for the collection and transmission of groundwater level monitoring information independently developed by Multisensing.co. It can automatically collect groundwater level and water temperature data, and use 4G wireless remote transmission to automatically report the data to the monitoring center.



Groundwater hydrological data monitoring

Real-time monitoring of water levels in reservoirs and dams

Lake and surface runoff water level monitoring

Unattended water level monitoring sites

Real-time monitoring of the liquid level in the tank

Industrial control system on-site liquid level monitoring, etc.


Measurement principle

The pressure water level gauge measures the hydrostatic pressure at a certain point below the water surface, and then converts the height of the water level above the measurement point according to the density of the water body to obtain the water level. The water surface is subject to atmospheric pressure, so the pressure measured at the underwater measuring point is the sum of the water pressure formed by the height of the water column above the measuring point and the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the water body. Subtract atmospheric pressure. In the applied instrumentation, this compensation process is carried out automatically.


Technical parameters

1. Sensor part

This product adopts the piezoresistive pressure sensor independently developed and produced, which has high precision, is less affected by temperature, and is not easy to produce time drift. The one-piece design structure is adopted, and the joint connection between the components is convenient and reliable, easy to disassemble and assemble, which is convenient for product installation, adjustment, use and maintenance.

Water level measurement accuracy: 0.05% FS;

Instrument measuring range: 30m, 50m, 80m, 100m or customized;

Measurement frequency: 1 minute - 99 hours/time;

Instrument design life: not less than 5 years;

Water level resolution: better than 1mm;

Supply voltage: 3.6VDC

Static working current: 5…10uA;

Long-term stability: 0.01%FS/year

Working temperature range: -20℃~+80℃;

Temperature measurement resolution: 0.02°C;

Temperature compensation range: 0~50℃;

Output data content: water level, water temperature, time;

Clock error: not more than ±10s (10d);

Shell material: 316L stainless steel;

The enclosure protection grade is IP68;

Appearance structure: no loosening of mechanical fastening parts;

Process: The outer surface of the water level gauge is polished without corrosion, cracks and peeling of the coating layer;

Marking: clear and complete product text information by laser engraving on the shell of the water level gauge;

Power supply mode: RTU power supply;

Sensor power consumption: standby current 6uA, acquisition current 15mA

Recording content: automatic collection and storage of water level and water temperature data at regular intervals;

Storage capacity: 50,000 records (8MB capacity, cyclic storage can be expanded);

Storage format: binary format storage

Data size: 20 bytes per record

Data reading: The data stored in the probe can be directly read by a computer or other reading instrument

2. RTU part

Power supply mode: use high-capacity lithium battery with better discharge performance and long life as the power supply, so that the product basically does not need maintenance, reducing system operation and maintenance costs;

The battery pack is concentrated in the casing, and it is convenient to replace the battery.

Instrument design life: not less than 5 years;

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +80°C, suitable for various climatic conditions in the field;

Low power consumption: STM32L1 series processors are used, and all peripheral circuits are actively controlled for power supply, and the daily power consumption of the entire product is less than 0.005W;

Transmission parameters: water level, water temperature, on-site air pressure, time, battery voltage of data transmission device, etc.;

With the function of data remote supplementary acquisition, all data in the record can be supplemented remotely according to time;

It has the function of supplying power to the water level and water thermometer;

Transmission device sealing grade IP68;

Transmission method: use mobile phone card or IoT card to transmit data in 4G mode;

Data reading: connect the mobile phone to set and read data through Bluetooth;