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  • Hydrostatic Leveling Gauge with analog output
Hydrostatic Leveling Gauge with analog output

Hydrostatic Leveling Gauge with analog output

Product description

The system consists of measuring points, base points, liquid storage tanks, connecting pipes, collectors, etc., which is different from other traditional settlement monitoring systems.

This product has the characteristics of large measuring range, high precision, simple installation, small size, good repeatability, and no need for turning points.

The product can be used in a variety of harsh environments, with high seismic, waterproof, and protection levels, and can meet the application requirements of military grades.

It supports three communication modes of self-report, confirmation, and response, and the three communication modes can be mixed for networking.

It supports three power management modes: power-down, hibernation, and permanent online, which can realize the integrated structure of two-way communication in low-power working mode, without integration and simple installation.


Product Applications

Mainly used for monitoring vertical displacement and inclination of dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings, foundation pits, tunnels, bridges, subways, geological settlements;

Measure the relative elevation change between two or more points;

The static leveling system is generally installed on the measuring pier with the same height of the object to be measured or on the contour line of the wall of the object to be measured. Usually, the integrated modular automatic measuring unit is used to collect data, and it is connected to the computer through wired or wireless copper whiskers to achieve Automated observation.


Technical Features

The product is designed with aluminum-magnesium alloy shell

You can check the current position of the liquid and whether there are liquid bubbles at any time

At the same time, an elastic pressure self-locking drainage device is designed, which can be exhausted at any time when there are air bubbles.

Simple and fast operation, user-friendly design, the wiring port adopts aviation plug

With very high waterproof characteristics, the overall protection level is IP67

The connecting pipe interface is connected by a standard starting connector, and the pressure resistance level reaches 2MPa

The sensor adopts waterproof and shockproof design, which can be used in special conditions

The service life is up to more than 5 years, and it can be reused with high consistency

Built-in embedded aviation high-precision silicon pressure sensor chip


Technical parameters

Range: 1000mm

Accuracy: ±0.5mm

Resolution: 0.01mm

Annual stability: <±0.5mm

Communication parameters: 4...20mA

Working temperature range: -20~85℃

Temperature compensation range: -20-60℃

Overload capacity: 200% F•S

Shell material: aluminum alloy

Electrical connection: waterproof four-core plug-in

Protection class: IP67

Installation method: vertical fixed installation with exhaust valve facing up

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