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  • 26G Radar Level Meter
  • 26G Radar Level Meter
26G Radar Level Meter 26G Radar Level Meter

26G Radar Level Meter

Product description

MRD9009 series 26G high frequency radar level meter, the measurement distance can reach 80 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new fast microprocessor can perform higher-speed signal analysis and processing, so that the instrument can be used for the measurement of various strong corrosive liquids.

Product principle

The radar water level meter antenna emits a very narrow microwave pulse. This pulse propagates in space at the speed of light. When it encounters the surface of the measured medium, part of its energy is reflected and received by the same antenna. The time interval between the transmitted pulse and the received pulse is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the surface of the measured medium. Due to the extremely high propagation speed of electromagnetic waves, the time interval between the transmitted pulse and the received pulse is very small (on the order of nanoseconds), and it is difficult to confirm. The time interval of the pulses is used to further calculate the distance from the antenna to the surface of the measured medium.

A: Range setting, B: Low position adjustment, C: High position adjustment, D: Blind zone range

The reference surface for measurement is: the bottom surface of the thread or the sealing surface of the flange.

Note: When using radar level timing, make sure that the highest material level cannot enter the measurement blind area (the area shown in D in the figure).


The industry-recommended radar water level gauge uses a 26GHz transmit frequency and thus has:

The beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, and it has stronger anti-interference ability, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability.

The small size of the antenna makes it easy to install and add antenna protection devices such as dust covers.

Light weight about 1KG, easy to install.

The measurement range can reach 70 meters, covering water level measurement such as large reservoirs.

Various output circuit interfaces cooperate with the acquisition system.

Using the pulse working mode, the transmitting power of the radar water level gauge is extremely low, and it is harmless to the human body and the environment.

Product Specifications

Application: rivers, lakes, shoals

Measuring range: 70 meters

Process Connection: Thread G1½ʺ A / Bracket / Flange

Process temperature: -40~100℃

Process pressure: normal pressure

Accuracy: ±10mm

Frequency range: 26GHz

Protection class: IP67 / IP65

Power supply: DC (6—24V) / four-wire (6~24V DC) DC 24V / two-wire (24V DC)

Signal output: RS485/Modbus protocol 4~20mA/Hart two-wire

Live display: optional

Housing: Aluminum/Plastic


Technical parameter


Seal between housing and housing cover

Silicone Rubber

Shell window


Ground terminal

Stainless steel

Supply voltage


(624) V DC / RS485 Modbus / Power consumption 90mW



DC 24V / 4~20mA / Power consumption 0.75W


Ripple allowed

 - <100Hz


 - (100100K) Hz



Cable entry/plug

 M20x1.5 cable entry


Conductor cross section 1.0mm²


Output signal

 RS485 Modbus / 4~20mA


 Modbus / Hart


 1. 6u A

Fault signal

The current output remains unchanged;

20. 5mA



Integration time

(036)s, adjustable

Blind spot

Antenna end

Measuring distance


30 meters


70 meters

Microwave frequencies


Measurement interval

 About 1 second (depending on parameter settings)

Adjust time

 About 1 second (depending on parameter settings)

Display resolution


Operating Storage and Shipping Temperatures


Process temperature (temperature of the antenna section)



Normal pressure


Mechanical vibration 10m/s² , (10150)Hz

Installation requirements

Please pay attention to the following items to ensure the correct installation of the instrument: Please reserve enough space for installation. Please avoid strong vibration installation occasions.

Note: When the radar antenna emits microwave pulses, it has a certain emission angle. There should be no obstacles from the lower edge of the antenna to the surface of the medium to be measured, and in the area radiated by the transmitted microwave beam. Therefore, the installation should avoid blocking facilities as much as possible, and "false echo learning" must be carried out when necessary. When installing the instrument, pay attention to: the highest liquid level shall not enter the measurement blind area; the instrument must be connected to the ground, and lightning protection measures must be added; outdoor sunshade and rain protection measures should be taken.

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