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  • Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter
  • Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter
  • Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter
Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter

Terahertz Linear FMCW Radar Level Meter


120GHz-130GHz FM wave radar, a terahertz radar used in the field of industrial measurement 10GHz ultra-large FM scan frequency width, wide application

Touch screen display, easy operation and friendly interface

Support standard HART, MODBUS, PROFIBUS bus protocols

Supports multiple operation and configuration methods, such as host computer setting software, LCD keyboard module, tank side meter, etc. 24VDC, 220VAC two power supply models

Simple installation structure, suitable for various installation forms on site.

Application field

The product is especially suitable for penetration measurement outside the tank or see-through measurement through a quartz glass isolation flange in a high temperature and high pressure reactor environment

The electromagnetic wave emission angle of the product is less than 4°, which is suitable for measurement in narrow spaces or guided wave pipes

The product can reach 30M measurement range, suitable for the measurement of super large storage tanks

The product has extremely high measurement accuracy, especially suitable for high-precision metrology-level measurement

The product has rich echo processing algorithms and experience data of various industrial and mining environments; it has unique advantages that other similar products do not have for extremely harsh working conditions such as strong dust, steam, and storage tanks with special processes such as stirring and heating rods.


Measuring range: 100mm—15000mm

Display accuracy: 0.1mm

Measurement accuracy: ±5mm

Reading time: 6s

Microwave frequency: 122GHz

Beam angle: 4°

Measurement interval: 400ms

Digital output: RS485 MODBUS

Interface parameters: 115200 (can be set), N81

Analog output: 4mA—20mA

Power supply voltage: DC 8V—DC 35 V

Working current: 140mA@DC 12V

Process temperature: -25℃—65℃

Process pressure: 1.0MPa

Display screen: Full color LCD 320*240, touch

Shell material: Stainless steel 316L + aluminum alloy 6061

Protection class: IP67

Dimensions: 112.5*99*149.5mm

Process connection: M60*1.5

Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Parameter indication

Wiring Instructions

Remove the display module when wiring, and you can see the terminal of the device. The R120-02 level meter uses a 304 stainless steel cable waterproof connector (specification: M20X1.5), and the thread diameter is 6mm-12mm.

Interface definition






RS485 B

RS485 B / Data-

Default: 115200, N81


RS485 A

RS485 A / Data+



4mA—20mA output

Series resistance≤500Ω

Abnormal indication value can be customized



4mA—20mA output ground



Power ground

DC 8V—30V

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