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  • GD2100 Geological Hazard Monitor
  • GD2100 Geological Hazard Monitor
GD2100 Geological Hazard Monitor GD2100 Geological Hazard Monitor

GD2100 Geological Hazard Monitor

 Product description

The geological disaster monitor mainly monitors geological disasters caused by landslides, debris flows, landslides, land subsidence, etc., which are affected by the natural environment and human activities. Geological disasters have become an important factor restricting social and economic development and people's living. We cannot control nature, However, if we can monitor the relevant geological data in real time, we can effectively prevent geological disasters that are more predictable and have more serious consequences, and reduce the loss of agriculture, industry, and people's life safety.

The instrument is a tubular type, mainly buried in the monitoring soil, with a high-precision inclination sensor installed inside, when geological disasters such as landslides occur. The tilt sensor captures the signal, giving the user an early warning. At the same time, the built-in multi-layer soil temperature and humidity sensor correlates the dynamic changes of the surface soil moisture at a location with the movement state of the slope, thereby further monitoring the relationship between the infiltrated soil moisture and the landslide.

Monitoring system composition


1. Integrated design, a variety of monitoring factors are integrated on the tube monitor, small size, and easy installation;

2. Built-in vibration sensor, with anti-theft function;

3. Two external power supply schemes: solar power supply, 220VAC power supply (220VAC to DC12V) and built-in long-lasting lithium battery for continuous power supply.

4. With local and remote settings for self-reporting period and data extraction;

5. According to different applications, products with different customization depth and configuration can also be added with other meteorological monitoring factors;

6. Built-in GPS positioning module, monitoring data can be grasped on the spot in real time.

Technical parameter

Inclination measurement range; ±90° accuracy 0.001°;

Soil moisture measurement range (volumetric moisture content): dry soil to moisture-saturated soil, outdoor accuracy ±5%, laboratory ±2%;

Temperature measurement range: -20℃~70℃;

Communication method: GPRS wireless communication or RS485 communication;

Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery or solar panel power supply;

Dimensions: φ63, the length can be customized (the length varies with the number of sensor layers);

Working environment temperature: -40℃~80℃;

Shell protection grade: ground part: IP67; below the ground: IP68;


1. Geological disasters including (landslide, debris flow, collapse, land subsidence) monitoring;

2. Multi-layer soil temperature and humidity monitoring.

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