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  • Integrated Radar Flowmeter
  • Integrated Radar Flowmeter
Integrated Radar Flowmeter Integrated Radar Flowmeter

Integrated Radar Flowmeter

Product description

An integrated radar flowmeter based on microwave technology with integrated wireless data transmission. It adopts plane microwave technology to measure the flow velocity and water level of water body in a non-contact way. According to the built-in software algorithm model, it calculates and outputs real-time cross-sectional flow and cumulative flow; it can be used for open channels, river channels, irrigation channels, underground drainage network, flood control warning, etc. occasions for non-contact flow measurement.

The device has a built-in RTU data acquisition and transmission unit, and can configure parameters through the mobile phone APP, which can significantly reduce the workload of on-site installation and debugging and improve the efficiency of project implementation; it realizes the remote maintenance function of the flowmeter, which can save a lot of maintenance time and costs. 


1. Non-contact measurement, combined with section parameters to calculate flow, not affected by wind, temperature, haze, sediment, floating objects, etc.;

2. It is suitable for a variety of measurement conditions, and can output measurement data of flow rate, water level, instantaneous flow, and cumulative flow;

3. Scalable array multi-point flow measurement, by configuring a set of flowmeters and multiple sets of velocity meters, the flow measurement of a wide cross-section can be realized;

4. Built-in RTU reduces the complexity of system integration;

5. The supporting mobile APP maintains and debugs the equipment on site, saving the working time of installation and maintenance personnel;

6. Support remote upgrade and maintenance;

7. IP68 protection grade, internal anti-reverse connection design, built-in lightning protection design;

8. Low power consumption, can be powered by solar energy, easy to install and maintenance-free.

Technical parameter

Flow measurement system

Measurement principle: planar microstrip array antenna CW+PCR

Working mode: manual, automatic, telemetry

Working voltage: 3.5~4.35VDC, 7-32VDC (optional)

Working current: Steady-state current is about 28mA, data upload is about 50mA, sleep state is less than 1mA

Radar wave speed sensor

Radar power: 100mW

Radar frequency: 24GHz

Maximum range: 40m

Speed range: 0.03~20m/s

Speed measurement accuracy: 0.01m/s; ±1%FS

Antenna angle: 12°

Measurement direction: automatic identification of water flow direction, built-in vertical angle correction

Radar water level gauge

Radar power: 10mW

Radar frequency: 60GHz

Measuring range: 0.2-7m / 0.1-15m

Measurement accuracy: ±2mm / ±1mm

Antenna angle: 8°

Data transmission system

Data transmission method: RS485 (reserved), 4G, NB-IOT (optional)


Shell material: aluminum alloy shell

Appearance size: 160*100*89.9mm

Protection class: IP68

Working temperature: -30~70

Storage temperature: -40~70

Weight: less than 1kg

Lightning protection: lightning protection level 6KV

Application field

Velocity, water level or flow measurement at reservoir gates, underground water pipe networks, open channels, irrigation channels, etc.

Auxiliary water treatment operations, such as urban water supply, sewage outlet monitoring, etc.

Flow calculation, flow monitoring of incoming and outgoing water, etc.

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