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  • Integrated Radar Water Level Station
  • Integrated Radar Water Level Station
Integrated Radar Water Level Station Integrated Radar Water Level Station

Integrated Radar Water Level Station

Product description
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, RTU, solar charging control board, Bluetooth, and radar water level gauge, only one solar panel is needed outside to build a fully operational water level monitoring station. A non-contact planar integrated radar water level station suitable for surface water level measurement. It uses frequency modulated continuous wave radar (FMCW) technology to measure the liquid level. This energy-saving, non-contact measurement technology makes it easy to measure. It is not affected by temperature gradient, water vapor on the water surface, pollutants in the water and sediment, and the optimized algorithm can make the measurement result more accurate. Compared with the traditional discrete water level gauge, it has the characteristics of low comprehensive cost, convenient installation, and small maintenance.


1. The weight is less than 2.6Kg, the structure is compact and light, and the windproof and anti-shake ability is strong;

2. Non-contact, safe and low loss, less maintenance, not affected by sediment, etc.;

3. Monitoring can also be performed under high flow velocity conditions during flood periods;

4. The power supply circuit adopts anti-reverse connection and lightning protection design;

5. The power consumption of the system is low, and the general solar power supply can meet the measurement needs;

6. The built-in angle and attitude sensor can sense the installation inclination, which is convenient for installation and debugging;

7. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and solar controller, the installation is very simple, and the amount of civil works is very small;

8. The flat-panel antenna design avoids the hidden dangers of insects' nesting and netting and the influence of fog on radar signals;

9. Fully waterproof design, suitable for field use;

10. Integrated RTU function, data can be directly uploaded to the server, and parameters can also be adjusted remotely, simplifying the difficulty of system integration;

11. Built-in low-power Bluetooth, can be directly debugged and set parameters through the mobile phone APP on-site, without computer connection.

Technical parameter

Measuring range: 40m

Measurement accuracy: ±3mm

Radar Antenna: Planar Microstrip Array Antenna

RTU upload cycle: 5 minutes - 24 hours, can be set

Radar frequency: 24GHz

Beam launch angle: 11°

Built-in lithium battery: 12.8V 10000mAH

Recommended solar panel: 10W, 18V (Vmp)

Collection interval: timed collection, the interval can be set, the small interval is 1 minute

Temperature acquisition: +/-1°C

Data reporting: support hourly reports, additional reports, regular reports, and data reissue

Interface and others

Digital wired interface: RS485 (default) / RS232, MODBUS protocol

Wireless transmission: 4G (default)/NB-IOT

Transmit power: ≤24dBm

Receive sensitivity: -110dBm

Sim Card: Built-in

Antenna: rod, lead (optional)

Wireless transmission protocol: SL651 (default)/SZY206

Bluetooth standard: above 4.2

Bluetooth transmit power: +8dBm

Bluetooth receiving sensitivity: -95dBm at 0.1%BER

Shell material: UV-resistant PC

Size: 170×122×125(mm)

Protection class: IP68

Working temperature: -20℃-70℃

Storage temperature: -40℃-70℃

Lightning protection: lightning protection level 6KV

Application field

Hydrological measurement of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.

Water level monitoring of rivers, irrigation canals, flood control, etc.

Urban flood control, waterlogging and other water level monitoring

Rainstorm flood monitoring in mountainous areas, etc.