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  • Radar Water Level Gauge
  • Radar Water Level Gauge
Radar Water Level Gauge Radar Water Level Gauge

Radar Water Level Gauge

Product description
A non-contact planar radar water level gauge for surface water level measurement, which uses Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar (FMCW) technology to measure the liquid level. It is an energy-saving, non-contact measurement technology. It is not affected by temperature gradient, water vapor on the water surface, pollutants, and sediment in the water. Compared with the traditional pulse horn water level gauge, it has the characteristics of small size and stable signal. The optimized algorithm can make the measurement result more accurate.


1. The weight is less than 900g, and the structure is compact and light;

2. Non-contact, safe and low loss, less maintenance, not affected by sediment, etc.;

3. Monitoring can also be carried out under high flow rate conditions during flood periods;

4. The power supply circuit adopts anti-reverse connection and lightning protection design;

5. The power consumption of the system is low, and the general solar power supply can meet the measurement needs;

6. The function of integrated RTU can be selected to simplify the difficulty of system design;

7. A variety of interface methods, both digital interface and analog interface, easy to access the system;

8. Multiple trigger modes: cycle, trigger, manual, automatic;

9. The installation is very simple, and the amount of civil works is very small;

10. Smooth antenna design, the appearance of insects or spider webs is no longer a problem;

11. Fully waterproof design, suitable for field use.


Technical parameter

Measuring range: 40m/70m/110m

Measurement accuracy: ±3mm

Radar Antenna: Planar Microstrip Array Antenna

Measurement duration: 0 - 180s, can be set

Measurement interval: 1-18000s adjustable

Radar frequency: 24GHz

Beam launch angle: 11°

Working conditions

Working voltage: 7-32VDC, 5.5-32VDC (optional)

Working current: 12V power supply

Working mode, working current ≤ 90mA

Low power consumption (sleep) mode, working current ≤1mA

Interface and others

Digital interface: RS485 (default)/RS232/MODBUS protocol

Wireless transmission: 4G, NB-IOT, 433MHz (optional)

Analog output: 4-20mA

Shell material: aluminum alloy shell

Size: 166*92*55(mm)

Protection class: IP68

Working temperature: -35-70

Storage temperature: -40-70

Lightning protection: lightning protection function 6KV

Application areas

Hydrological measurement of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.

Water level monitoring of rivers, irrigation canals, flood control, etc.

Monitoring of urban flood control and waterlogging

Rainstorm flood monitoring in mountainous areas, etc.

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